TWO4SEVEN aims to create all-inclusive VIP packages for major sporting and entertainment events worldwide, as well as providing our clients with access to their ultimate bucket list experiences.


TWO4SEVEN has quickly established itself as a leading provider of “Money CAN Buy Experiences”, both in Australia and abroad. Combining networking through 25 years of luxury travel, a passion for premium sporting events, and access to VIP services, TWO4SEVEN can create the ultimate bucket list experiences for our clients.

There is more to a major sporting event than the game itself. From first class travel, luxury accommodation, exclusive dining, hospitality,
and access to the hottest after-parties in town, TWO4SEVEN’s ability to create VIP packages is what turns an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience.

Focusing on VIP package creation, TWO4SEVEN delivers access to a range of the biggest sporting events around the world, adjacent services and celebrity encounters that you won’t find anywhere else. Just pick your event, and TWO4SEVEN does the rest. Access your dream bucket list experience without a single organisational hassle.

Let us help you realise your ultimate bucket list experiences!



Robbie Farah
Professional Australian Rugby League sportsman Robbie Farah brings to Two4Seven an intrinsic level of sporting knowledge and business networking only possible through his time on the playing field, having represented the code on both a domestic & international level for over 15 years.

Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
A massive sports fan, Maria brings a new level of strategy to Two4Seven. With over 15 years of creative and marketing experience both locally and abroad, Maria provides a female-led perspective of the world of sport and entertainment.

Jai Ayoub
On the field, Jai brings Two4Seven a leadership background from his years as first grade captain for Eastwood Rugby Union. Off the field, a Degree in Business Management and construction project management. As the owner of hospitality businesses, Jai understands the value of exceptional customer service. Client entertainment and satisfaction is always at the forefront when creating and hosting experiences.



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